Gig Review: Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt, with support from Alexandra Adie.
The Tunnels, Aberdeen. Thursday 1st November

 i have quite the backlog of things to post about right now - most with a catalogue of photos i have zero time to process. It's funny how life can be quiet for so long, only for a million and one things to happen at once.

One thing i don't need to work through photos for (because i only took a couple and they're all rubbish), however, is the Nina Nesbitt gig i went to with my wee sister on Thursday night.

Nesbitt - an 18 year old Scottish lass, born and raised in Edinburgh - was thrown into the limelight after a chance meeting with Ed Sheeran led to a support slot on his European tour. She was picked up by BBC Introducing at the end of last year and gained real attention after Fearne Cotton picked her track 'The Apple Tree' as her song of the week.

She played in The Tunnels in Aberdeen - a venue i'd never previously visited, which felt a little like having a party in Phil Mitchell's garage, but was an ideal size for such a gig. The crowd included a rather large proportion of teenage girls dressed as little Nina clones, which was frighteningly reminiscent of my volunteer days at The Ark and made me feel really rather old. Ho hum.

Support was from Alexandra Adie and a young man whose name i never quite caught, both of whom - from what i understand - have little gigging experience but won a competition via twitter to secure the slot. Very sweet!

Nina Nesbitt's set included tracks from both of her EPs and the 'Boy' single, performing alone and alternating between keyboard and guitar. She's remarkably self-assured for someone so young (as i guess you have to be when you're playing to audiences like those of Ed Sheeran), lively and cheeky, handing out food to the audience and inviting fans on stage to sit in her "beanbag lounge". Her closing rendition of The Proclaimers' '500 Miles' didn't go down too badly either!

She's quite the talented musician and her songwriting abilities are impressive - 'Jessica' being a standout track for me - but her most notable gift is certainly that voice. What. A. Voice!

If you haven't heard her already, give her a listen on Youtube or Spotify. It's pop, but it's pretty.

She's back in Aberdeen on November 30th to support Rizzle Kicks at the Music Hall.
If you happen to be going, you're in for a treat!

If you're not.. well, check her out anyway!

So lovely!
Disclaimer: No, i really don't take myself this seriously. i know very little about music, except whether or not i like it. i happen to have liked this.

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