Sunny Aberdeenshire

The weather has been so consistently sunny of late that I have more of a tan from my Scottish back-garden than I ever got by the pool in Tunisia. It's very surprising, but I'm certainly not about to complain!

Work has entered into a quiet lull in the space between our own holiday club and the one I'm helping out at in a few weeks, so the last fortnight has been wonderfully flexible, working from home with the patio doors flung open, in between coffee stops at the Lido, dinner at Aberdeen beach, ice cream in St Combs and lazy afternoons in the garden with a good book.

(It's also Scottish Week right now, but I must confess to not attending many events apart from the Blades aerobatic display and an absolutely terrifying service I had to speak at for work. My bad.)

The Blades at Scottish Week.
Cullen ice-cream shop. Disappointing and way more expensive than St Combs.

A St Combs "cappy". Probably my favourite ice-cream ever.

On St Combs beach.

The end of our "street".

I hope the sun's been shining wherever you are too. If you're in the UK.. enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. Oh it has been amazing here today! Excellent for packing up the shed, and drying drop-cloths. :-) Do you know, I have never been to St. Combs before. Something to put on my list for return journeys to Aberdeen and environs! Thanks for these lovely posts.

    1. Oh my - there isn't an awful lot to see in St Combs, but there's a nice walk along the beach and it's more than worth a visit for the ice cream itself!
      Trust that your packing and preparations are all going well xo

  2. Dont know why but I am not getting your blog any more. good job we have mutual friends!
    Tell Christine I could have taken her to St Combs. Ah well.

    1. Strange. I did change from lesserbunting over to laurawhispering so it may very well be me that's caused the confusion! Thanks for finding me again :)