First Days of Spring

I'm sure I change my mind with every passing season, but I think that spring might be my favourite time of year. It's largely to do with the relief of lighter nights and mornings after the endless darkness of winter - the way that the day unfolds, inviting us to fill it with more. But it's also to do with the newness of everything - eggs hatching, flowers blooming and tiny lambs bounding around green fields.
It's a refreshing reminder of the way that things change and life goes on..

The weather's been a bit of a mixed bag of late, so I've been trying to make the most of all the sunny days that have managed to creep in between the rain and fog. I thought I'd share a few iPhone photos of what I've been seeing and getting up to..

Evening sunlight.
Ruan meeting cows for the first time.
Running for the first time in 9 months. Chuffed at managing 13 min intervals instead of the 90 secs I usually struggle with. Now to build on it..
Endless garden games with my puppy dog.
Playing passenger in the parents' new car.
Exploring Ravenscraig Castle. // Walks on the Formartine and Buchan Way (aka "the liney").
Enjoying all the prettiness the season offers.

Unfortunately my May weekend has been largely spent in front of a computer screen getting nowhere with an essay, but I think these moments throughout the last couple of weeks have just about made up for it.

I hope you've had a good bank holiday and that spring has been providing lots of bright moments for you.

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  1. What absolutely beautiful photos! And all with an iphone... I hope the essay went well and I take my hat off to you for running. Not something I have ever, or will ever, accomplish (except for a bus or in an emergency). Your puppy looks so very sweet!

    1. Ha, I wouldn't go congratulating me on the running just yet -- I don't have much of a track record for perseverance where sports are concerned! ;) xo