Monthly Consumption // March 2020

Just choosing to ignore the absolute end-of-the-world carnage that this month has been and focus on something a bit more lighthearted instead. As such, here's everything I read, watched, listened to and saw live in March 2020.


'Naturally Tan' by Tan France - The English fashion guy from Queer Eye wrote an autobiography, covering his story from birth to the early days of the show. I really love the Fab 5, so this was an enjoyable easy read. 

'Feast: True Love In and Out of the Kitchen' by Hannah Howard - The memoir of a young woman working in the food industry while struggling with an eating disorder. Well-written, but nothing about this book stood out over any other ED memoir I've read. 

'Unfollow: A Journey from Hatred to Hope' by Megan Phelps-Roper - The story of one young woman who grew up an enthusiastic member of Westboro Baptist Church, and how she came to leave them. This book took me a long time to read, but I found her story fascinating.

'The Diary of Two Nobodies' by Giles Wood and Mary Killen - Y'know the slightly eccentric cottage-dwelling couple from Gogglebox? They wrote a book together about their marriage. Perhaps the most random thing I've ever read, but quite entertaining.

(Huh. Apparently I only read autobiographies this month!)


I watched quite a few movies this month. In the cinema I saw the new adaptation of Jack London's 'The Call of the Wild', which was utterly beautiful (and sent me rushing home to hug my parents' dog).

At home I finally persuaded my partner to watch quirky French rom-com 'Amelie' with me, and was relieved that I still enjoyed it as much as I remembered. Together we also watched the adorable 'Peter Rabbit'; 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', which I adore no matter how often I watch it; 'Five Feet Apart', which was a surprisingly good watch for a soppy medical romance; and 'Okja' - about a girl and her genetically modified pig - which was brilliant and made me very relieved to be a vegetarian. We also watched 'Captain Fantastic', which was a really lovely comedy drama about a family living outside of society, which I would highly recommend (though would warn that there are a lot of strong references to suicide, though no actual depiction).

On my own I watched 'All the Bright Places' - the film adaptation of Jennifer Niven's novel - which was a decent enough watch, but I felt like the characters lacked a bit of depth for the subject matter they were dealing with; 'Begin Again', which was a fun music-themed drama; and 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post', about a teenage girl sent to undertake gay conversion therapy, which was a good watch, though the ending seemed a tad abrupt.


On TV this month I watched 'Ragnarok' - the Norse mythology-inspired Norwegian drama, which I really enjoyed; 'I Am Not Okay With This' - the slightly odd coming-of-age show about a girl discovering her sexuality and her superpowers; 'Anne with an E' season 3, which was as adorable as ever; 'Orphan Black' season 2, which I couldn't really keep up with; and the BBC's 'Noughts + Crosses' - based on Malorie Blackman's dystopian book series, which I loved as a teenager.


This month I enjoyed Christine and the Queens' new album, 'La Vita Nuova'. I also listened to a lot of Twin Atlantic and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and took the chance to go back and listen to some slightly older releases that I hadn't given my full attention at the time - primarily Lizzo's 'Cuz I Love You' and Frank Turner's 'No Man's Land'.

Seen live

At the start of the month I saw the brilliant Twin Atlantic (with support from BLOXX) at Aberdeen Music Hall. This was my first time seeing them live (at last!) and they definitely didn't disappoint.

I then saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich perform a beautifully dreamy set at The Barn in Banchory, with support from Georgia Duncan

Lastly there was Lewis Capaldi, with support from Fatherson, at PandJ Live in Aberdeen - a gig which was sadly tainted by thoughts of "Should we actually be here?" and standing on the fringes, trying to keep a distance from everyone else in the crowd. Not exactly my favourite gig experience and seems it'll be the last for quite some time.


I hope you're all keeping safe, sane and entertained at this time. 

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