Monthly Consumption // January 2021



'Wild Fire' by Ann Cleeves - Book number eight - and the final chapter in the 'Shetland' crime series - sees DI Jimmy Perez solving the case of a young nanny found hanging in a barn. Another great novel full of mystery and Scottish island charm.

'The Girl with the Louding Voice' by Abi Dare - A beautiful novel about a courageous fourteen year old Nigerian girl who dreams of going to school. Heart-wrenching yet full of strength and spirit.

'The Water Cure' by Sophie Mackintosh - Billed as "feminist dystopia," I'm not entirely sure what I expected from this book, but it certainly wasn't what I got. What I got were two slightly sadistic parents and their three daughters, cut off from the rest of the world in a creepy set-up of their own making. The writing was lovely, but the story was.. Meh.
'Made in Scotland: My Grand Adventures in a Wee Country' by Billy Connolly - I knew shamefully little about Scotland's 'Big Yin' before this book, but thoroughly enjoyed this autobiographical account of his early life in Glasgow and his journey to becoming one of Scotland's most famous men.

'Glorious Rock Bottom' by Bryony Gordon - A memoir of alcoholism and sobriety by Bryony Gordon - journalist and underwear-clad marathon runner - told with the wit and honesty that are characteristic of her books. 


Away - While sci-fi isn't usually my thing, I was really gripped by this Netflix drama about a crew of astronauts on a mission to Mars and the families they leave behind them. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (season 4) - I couldn't not watch this final season but, man, that got bizarre. 

The Big Fat Quiz of Everything 2020 - The second of our annual doses of  Jimmy Carr's TV pub quiz. Turns out I know spectacularly little about, well, everything, but points for trying, eh?

Kevin Bridges' Brand New Tour - The Scottish comedian's 2018 tour, shot live in his hometown of Glasgow, had me belly-laughing from beginning to end.

Bridgerton - Netflix's steamy period drama is the kind of trash you can't stop watching, but I a) didn't understand the hype, and b) found some of it pretty damn problematic. 

It's A Sin - Russell T Davies' drama about five friends growing up in 80's London, in the shadow of the AIDS epidemic. If you haven't already watched this, prepare to have your heart broken. 

Transparent (series 1) - It's not just the Pfefferman's father-figure, who admits to identifying as a woman, who proves to be a complex and emotional character in this dysfunctional yet endearing family. This Amazon Prime drama is difficult to summarise, but well worth a watch. 


Brave - Only my second ever viewing of Disney's tale about a fiery Scottish Princess, but it was as good as I remembered. 

Saint Frances - Bridget is 34 years old and has no idea what she's doing with her life (lol, relatable), when she ends up nannying a spirited six year old. A really lovely movie about feeling aimless and a little bit lost. 

Blinded by the Light - This film was way cheesier than I expected from something endorsed and sound-tracked by Bruce Springsteen, but it was a lot of fun.


As always, feel free to hit me up with suggestions of what to read or watch next..


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