Phases of the Moon Series

Phases by rainbowpromise
Phases, a photo by rainbowpromise on Flickr.
I’m currently harbouring an ever-growing fascination for the night sky. There’s something particularly awe-inspiring about staring into the darkness, at the moon and the stars, and recognising the immensity of God’s creation.

I’d been working on a project for a few days, staying up into the early hours of the morning to photograph the moon, hoping to chart its progress from full to new. Except.. I chose a terrible time of year for it and, since the clocks sprang forward, the moon doesn’t rise until 5am right now making its backdrop a far lighter colour!
And out went that little project, through the window.

That said, I happen to like the few images I managed to capture and so this, here, is my tiny incomplete little series.

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