GETTING CRAFTY // Old T-shirts; New Cushion Covers

Upcycled T-shirt cushion coversUpcycled T-shirt cushion covers
Upcycled T-shirt cushion covers

i've been meaning to do this for a very long time - making use of the old, no-longer-worn Threadless t-shirts that have been taking up space in my drawers for far too long. My secondary school Home Ec teacher would be oh so proud (except not really - she even criticised my sewing when i had TWO broken arms!)

They were so simple to make: i measured and drew out squares on each t-shirt and cut them out, leaving an excess of half an inch all the way round. i then turned them inside out, pinned them together and got my needle and thread at the ready. i hand-stitched them - most other people would use a machine, which would take a quarter of the time but be far less therapeutic! - and left a small gap at the top. They were then turned outside-in, so the graphics face the correct way, and are now ready to be filled with stuffing (when i get round to purchasing any) and stitched across the top.



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