A Community Jubilee Picnic

Like much of the country, i've spent the last 24 hours flitting backwards and forwards between "real life" and the festivities unfolding on the television screen. i so badly want to take some high moral ground against the expense of these Diamond Jubilee celebrations - and maybe even about the royal family as a whole - but, truth be told, i'm enthralled by the whole thing. Last night's concert line-up was a pleasant surprise and this morning's service at St Paul's was beautiful. And that balcony scene, with its good old RAF fly-over and its red, white & blue sea of a crowd? That makes me tear up with a strange sense of nostalgia and British pride.

i admit it - i'm a hopeless sentimentalist and the royal family are a delight to watch!

There hasn't been much in the way of organised events in these parts, but this afternoon we popped along to a family picnic at Peterhead's Barclay Park, just in time to see an awkward and vaguely-comical appearance by some poor old lady roped in to play Queen. Still, it was all good fun and it's nice to see so many local people making an effort to come together and join in..

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  1. Hello Laura, how nice to find your blog! Thank you for your kind comment. I see Peterhead has had more celebrations than I've seen in Aberdeen. I know just what you mean about being in two minds as to how to respond to it all!

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for paying a visit - it's much appreciated =]
      You didn't make it along to the celebrations in Duthie Park on Sunday, then? The newspapers assure me that 4000 people showed up, but i haven't heard a single person say they've been. Hey ho - back to real life now anyway!
      Blessings x