A musical interlude..

As a slight change to the usual proceedings, i thought i'd make this week's 'Things that have brightened my weekend' a musical theme, with the albums i've been loving of late:

1. 'Storm and Grace' by Lisa Marie Presley || 2. 'Given to the Wild' by the Maccabees || 3. 'What We Saw from the Cheap Seats' by Regina Spektor 
4. 'The Temper Trap' by the Temper Trap || 5. 'Who You Are' by Jessie J || 6. 'An Awesome Wave' by Alt-J

My taste is all over the place at the moment: soulful, bluesy Americana; quirky feminine singer-songwriting; a bit of guilty pleasure pop; and a good bit of compulsory indie rock. 

Alt-J: 'Breezeblocks'
- Any song that references Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are' is on to a winner for me.

Jessie J: 'Stand Up'
- Jessie is my (not-so)secret girlcrush and this song is PERFECT for blasting in the car.

So many good albums on the go at the moment ..and so many i'm longing to hear over the next few months. Which albums would you recommend right now?

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  1. Your blog is so adorable! How do I follow you via GFC?? x

  2. Hey there,
    You're very kind - thanks =]
    Thanks for pointing out the follow button's absence - i've added one to the right side frame now... hope that's of some use.

    Cheers for dropping by!xo