Things that have brightened this particular weekend:

i know that my weekend should have been filled with bunting and tea parties and glasses of Pimm's, nestled round the TV celebrating the jubilee.. but as much as i love all of these things, there's only so long you can watch a little old woman sail down a river in the rain with people firing cannons over her head, before it all becomes a bit cringe. i love a bit of nostalgic British pride and all the hype and community.. but i can't help but think it a whole lot of money that could have been better spent.


Instead, my weekend included a nice garden centre lunch with my brother and sister, worship in two different churches, some beautiful sunsets, and a whole lot of this:
Oh Comely is my absolute favourite magazine. It describes itself as "a magazine that makes people smile, full of quiet moments and stories," that "inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things." i think this sums it up perfectly.
If you haven't read it before, i'd highly recommend you rake through your local WHSmiths and pick up a copy for yourself.


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