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Jelly squares - traybake recipe

It was my wee sister's 22nd birthday today - she's not a fan of traditional birthday cake so we (let's be honest, it was mostly my mum on this occasion) made her a giant jelly square instead!

Jelly squares were a staple of my childhood: any occasion that required a spread of "funcy pieces" (cakes and tray-bakes) was bound to include a tray or two of these scrummy red beauties. It surprised me, then, when i moved down to Ayrshire for a few years and no one had a clue what a jelly square was!

A lot of internet research since then has informed me that they're actually a traditional Australian dessert - known over there as a Jelly Slice - that has somehow made its way to our North Eastern parts. Either way, they're delicious and you should definitely try making some..

For the base you'll need:
- 1 packet of Nice biscuits
- 6oz margarine

To make:
- Crush the entire packet of biscuits into crumbs
- Melt margarine over a low heat
- Mix the biscuits and margarine together and press into the bottom of a tinfoil-lined dish. 
- Allow to cool and set.

For the middle layer you'll need:
- 1 large tin of condensed milk
- Juice of 2 lemons
- 1 dessert spoon of gelatine (or vegetarian alternative)
- 3/4 of a cup of boiling water

To make:
- Dissolve the gelatine in the boiling water
- Add the condensed milk and lemon juice into the mixture and stir well
- Pour over the top of the biscuit base
- Again, allow to cool and set. This'll take a good bit longer than the first layer.

Finally, for the top layer you'll need:
- 1 packet of raspberry jelly
- boiling water

To make:
- Dissolve your jelly in boiling water, as you would in any jelly-making circumstances, but try to use less water than normal for a stronger flavour. We usually use 1/2 a pint of water instead of the packet's recommended pint.
- Pour over the top of your condensed milk layer.
- Chill until fully set.

You should now be ready to chop into squares and get stuck in!

(NB: we doubled up this recipe to make our 'cake', but a single quantity is more than enough for a few days worth of treats.)

Jelly squares - traybake recipe


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