Things That Have Brightened This Weekend: Episode 7(ish)

 #1: Mr Sunshine finally putting in an appearance lengthy enough for me to get out on my wee bicycle.
i feel really blessed that i can just hop on my bike and find two ruined castles and a river within a ten minute ride. My camera and i were particularly grateful for this on an otherwise lonely Saturday.

#2: A really dedicated team of volunteers in the church.
We have a hectic week ahead of us in my work place, with five days of holiday club, a picnic and a prize-giving service. There's a team of some 30 people helping pull all of this together, with many of them spending hours and hours this afternoon turning the church into a more welcoming, child-friendly place to be. i'm really thankful for their commitment and eagerness to serve our community and can't wait to see what the next week has in store!

#3: Copious quantities of Lucozade, Galaxy Caramel and cuddley kitties.
My head is pounding from staring at a computer for much of Saturday and rushing around like a headless chicken today -- the above things (and perhaps a 'Rescue Remedy' or two) have kept me energised and calmed my many anxieties.

A hectic but exciting weekend!

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