This Last Week..

The last seven days have been hectic, to say the least. 178 children registered at our holiday club by the end of the week, with no less than 130 there on any single day. It was unexpected and chaotic, but brilliant fun; incredibly hard work, but made worthwhile by the simple blessings of getting to build relationships with these children and seeing them find safety and sanctuary within our walls. Our picnic was rained off on Saturday, despite our best attempts to persevere, but we finished the week with a service of prize-giving and celebration on Sunday morning, where i was blown away by the attendance, support and praise of so many parents -- proof that we were more than a glorified babysitting service after all!

It was a week of real unity and blessings for all involved and i finished it feeling like i needed scraped off of the ceiling!

The come-down didn't take too long, however, as my other church (the one that doesn't pay me) said farewell to the couple who have served as our ministers for the last five years. We threw them a surprise party on Saturday night, which was the most ridiculous fun, and then waved them off with a hugely emotional service on Sunday evening. They've been incredibly kind to me over the years and i'm so sad to see them go - i finished off last night as quite the emotional wreck!

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster week with all of that going on, but quite possibly the best week of the year in my little part of the universe. i'm feeling rather lost today and don't quite know what to do with myself now it's all done!

i wish i could share some of my portraits of the holiday club kids, but it wouldn't be appropriate so the adults will just have to do..


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  1. Well done all of you - my talents do not lie in the direction of working with large groups of children so I'm in great admiration. I'm not surprised you're feeling a bit bereft. I hope you soon feel a sense of satisfaction.

    1. Very kind, thank you -- there were over 30 of us on the team, so that certainly helped! Glad to sit back now and reflect with a sense of real joy =]