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The Guardian newspaper's music section have unleashed a new project - Six Songs Of Me - that hopes to get us thinking about how we relate to music and the part it plays in our lives, and to analyse which songs "matter most in the world."

The challenge appears simple: answer six questions and compile a soundtrack to your life. The reality - for anyone who's fond of music or who struggles to make decisions, like me - is surprisingly challenging.

Challenge accepted, my song choices were as follows:

1. First Song You Ever Bought - 'I Want You Back' by Cleopatra
It's been frustrating me all day: I cannot for the life of me think what my first musical purchase might have been. I almost chose a Meat Loaf song because I vaguely remember getting the CD version of his 'Bat Out Of Hell' album for Christmas one year, but I figured that my first purchase was more likely to be something suitably cheesy like the song above, or Buffalo G's 'Really Saying Something'. Who knows. It'll be something pop-based and embarrassing from the 90s/early 00s.

2. A Song That Always Gets You Dancing - 'Brass In Pocket' by The Pretenders
i don't know if this is really thought of as a dancey song, but I chose it because a) it always sets my feet tapping; b) it reminds me of that karaoke scene in 'Love Actually'; and c) i just really really like it. Other songs that almost (but not quite) made the cut included 'One Way Or Another' by Blondie, 'Shake It' by Metro Station, and 'Wildest Moments' by Jessie Ware.

3. A Song That Takes You Back To Your Childhood - 'Magic Dance' by David Bowie
This was an easy choice. My sister & I used to watch 'Labyrinth' obsessively when we were young - nothing says 'childhood' to me like a bunch of puppet animals & David Bowie in ridiculously tight tights!

4. Your Perfect Love Song - 'Such Great Heights' by The Postal Service
Rolling Stone magazine ranked this #27 in its '100 Best Songs of the Last Decade', which makes me feel a little cliched in choosing it ..but choose it I will. It's remarkably pretty and the lyrics are cute. Other options included the even-more-predictable 'Your Song' by Elton John, or 'The Girl' by City and Colour, or 'Anyone Else But You' by The Moldy Peaches.

5. A Song You Want Played At Your Funeral - 'The Circle Game' by Joni Mitchell
This was another easy choice for me - not because I've been morbidly planning my own funeral, but because the story in this song tracks a lifetime journey, from beginning to end, and I always thought it'd be nice to have it played at every significant milestone in my own life. Plus, it's Joni Mitchell, and who wouldn't want their life remembered with a bit of Joni?

6. The Encore: A Song That Makes You, You - 'Timshel' by Mumford and Sons
This final decision was the hardest for me. Is there ever really one song that makes me, me? I mean, really? I wanted to choose some epic monument of a song, all loud crescendos and drama to finish things off ..but in the end I settled on this one. It speaks volumes to me about hope in the darkest of times and the significance of community. And I figured if I love it enough to have its title tattooed on me, it's probably a safe enough choice.

I'm sure I could come back to this every day for a year and come up with a different list every time.. but these are six songs of me, today at least.

What would your six songs be?
You can contribute to the Guardian's project here, or maybe you could write up your answers in your own blog post. Either way share your links and let me know!


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  1. Thats an interesting post. I really would have to go back through the mists of time to answer tho!