THE SHIRE // Boddam

i'm having such a strange week with work-related things that my anxiety levels (which are high at the best of times, let's face it) are through the roof at the moment. Yesterday afternoon - after a slightly surreal morning of RE in my old secondary school - i took some time out with my camera and drove to Boddam to take some photos, get some fresh air and generally distract myself.     

Boddam's not a place i'd usually choose to visit: a village of approximately 1500 people, its only points of interest are the small harbour with its seal inhabitants (who were hiding yesterday, apparently) and the 130 foot high Buchanness Lighthouse. Oh.. and the coffee and cake at the Buchan Braes!

That said, it was a nice, quiet way to pass an afternoon.
Everything feels better with a sea 'breeze' blasting out the cobwebs!


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  1. What amazing photos, Laura! I hope the anxiety levels have fallen a bit by now and that you're enjoying the weekend.

    1. You're very kind, thank you =)

      Anxiety levels are set to persist throughout the rest of this week, but looking forward to a more chilled week after that!

      Hope you're well xo

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