i have an essay due on Tuesday so it only makes sense that i should find some distraction to consume my time. This week, it suddenly became vitally important that i should find a way to set up and use an Instagram account, despite not owning a single Apple or Android device.

i tried a million and one different methods, but through a final combination of phone, laptop, Dropbox and my mum's ipad, i now have a fully functioning Instagram account. Huzzah!

This, of course, meant i simply had to spend the week taking an inordinate amount of photographs to start filling up my stream..

Pictures of cold things..

Ice patterns. (Rib-cage, anyone?)

Pictures of food..

Pictures of sunsets..

Pictures of, well, stuff..

A grey day over the garden wall.

And more pictures of animals than anyone really needs or wants..

Visitors out the back.
One of our menagerie.

..i think you get the point.

And y'know what i learnt from it all? That Instagram is thoroughly overrated! i just don't see what all the fuss is about.

As an app, yes, it's clever and smooth and it runs well; but in terms of photo-processing it is naff.
The choice of filters is limited, they can't be edited in any way (except for the choice to remove the border in some), and the level of creative control is approximately none. i think that, of all the photos above, i used an Instagram filter on one - one! - and the rest were edited on yet another app and then uploaded via Instagram.

That said, i do like how easy it is to share your photos to multiple sites from one platform, and i enjoy the profile page (a relatively new aspect, if i understand correctly) and the fact that i can view all my photos in one place, unlike twitpic and yfrog.

Those factors have been Instagram's redemption for me and for those reasons alone i'm sticking with it!

If you want to aid it in providing further distraction, you can follow me under the username @laurawhispering, or have a wee squint at my page here:
Thanks :)

Here's to procrastination!

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  1. Those are lovely photos! I especially like the ice and the leaping deer.

    I don't do instagram, facebook, twitter, etc. - just email and blogging. But I'm always curious to read about these new developments. Happy essay writing! :-)