10 Songs, Vol. 7

My first ten tracks for 2013.

January's a strange month for music. I'm not sure if it's just the bands I listen to, or if it's a general music trend, but it seems like no one wants to put out a new album in the first month of the year. The offerings have been a little sparse.

Fortunately, the same doesn't seem to apply to putting individual tracks online or on the radio, and these are ten such songs I've been enjoying recently.

As a side note, Radio 1 did an interesting feature last week where they had an up-and-coming act perform in the Live Lounge every day, and they're well worth checking out. Monday was Bastille, Tuesday was Tom O'Dell, Wednesday was Kodaline, Thursday was Clean Bandit, and Friday was K Koke (not so sure on him, but you might be).


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