2012: A Review in Pictures

On a more lighthearted note than yesterday's post, here's what I got up to in 2012, in picture form.

January: I kicked January off with a day-trip to Glasgow, shopping with friends and finished it off with a weekend in Aviemore at the Deep Impact youth work conference. I also caught my first ever glimpse of the Aurora Borealis and managed to tick that off my life's to-do list without ever leaving the house!

February & March: These were pretty unremarkable months, mostly spent working away at a job that I really didn't enjoy but had to do at the time. I did, however, pass my driving theory in February.
Oh, and apparently developed quite the fascination with food.. 

April: In April I went to London with friends, to stay with another friend and go to the wedding of two more. We managed to squeeze in plenty of sightseeing and saw Wicked at the theatre.
It was also the month in which I received confirmation of a new job!

May: In May I finished up at my old job, completed the Live Below the Line challenge, and finally passed my practical driving test.

June: This was the month in which the country was overrun with bunting and cake as we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was also the month when I got to start my new youth work job for real!
Less significantly, we discovered the delights of the Last Bus Cafe in June too.

July: In July we ran our second ever holiday club at work and had an incredible week engaging with kids from all across our town. Traditionally, July is Scottish Week in Peterhead and so the Red Arrows paid a visit and we had the compulsory foggy fireworks display. Our Salvation Army Officers left town this month (sad times) and Olympic fever completely swept the nation.

August: August was all about the Olympic/Paralympic storm, exercise attempts, making the most of the few glimmers of sunshine we had, eating BBQs with the family, and one slightly odd evening where half of Cruden Bay dressed up as Vikings.

September: A fairly ordinary month, I spent most of it getting really stuck in at work and gave my first ever school assembly - a bit of a landmark for me. The other parts of this month were spent clutching at every last moment of 'summer' with my camera in hand.

October: In October I travelled down to Prestwick and spent the weekend visiting my old church and youth group and catching up with some friends in Glasgow. I also saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich play at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen this month and started my course with the Open University.

November: In November, I saw Nina Nesbitt play at the Tunnels in Aberdeen; very much enjoyed the latest Theatre Modo parade; and had numerous encounters with fireworks, both traumatic and good!

December: And then came December - a busy month both work-wise and personally. Work was full of assemblies, Christmas parties, never-ending rehearsals and leading my first ever church service; while the rest of my time was spent seeing Florence + the Machine at the AECC, visiting my grandma (and her new puppy!) in Anstruther/St Andrews, and then delighting in many many Christmas gatherings and festivities.

I spent the last evening of 2012 in Aberdeen enjoying dinner, drinks and fireworks with a good friend: a pretty decent way to watch another year draw to a close, if you ask me.

And then it was done. 2012 was over: a strange but mostly positive year, really.
It's funny how much you can forget over the course of 12 months and so it's been nice to look back and reflect on all that went on.

But now, to facing forward! 2013 has made its presence known and I, for one, look forward to seeing what it might bring. I hope that you feel the same.

Happy new year, everyone.. and "lang may your lum reek!"

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  1. What a lovely post! I am reluctant to do this as if I look back I think whoops shouldnt have done that. Your year was a good one.

    1. ha! I bet your "Yay!" moments far out-weight your "Oops!" ones really.

      Many blessings for 2013, Jill. xo