10 Songs, Vol. 10

Ten songs what I did like this month, bro.

I couldn't find a good quality version of the Noah and the Whale track to add to the playlist, but you can hear it over on their Soundcloud. And while you're at it, head on over to Twitter and follow their #UnlockHeartofNowhere project, giving clues to find cassette recordings of their new album hidden in indie record stores around the country. Such fun!

Other than these ten little beauties, this month has mostly been about the new Paramore and Frank Turner albums for me, with a little bit of James Blake's 'Overgrown' and Imagine Dragons' 'Night Vision' thrown in, and today's Bo Bruce debut sprinkled on top. I saw Kitty the Lion and Kate Nash in concert this month, so I've been playing their back catalogues over on Spotify, while pumping some good old Joni Mitchell in the car.

I'm very very excited for the coming month in music, with new albums from my absolute faves - Laura Marling and Noah & the Whale - as well as Vampire Weekend, Gabrielle Aplin, The National and She + Him. It's set to be a good one!

What about you - what's been playing in your house and car this month, and what releases are you most looking forward to?

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