Daily Travelette: An Instagram Challenge

To celebrate their 4th birthday, the Travelettes set their followers an Instagram challenge: share a travel-related photo every day throughout August, based on a particular daily prompt.

I like photos, I like travel and I like a challenge, so I was quick to jump on board. I've really been enjoying taking my own photographs and have found myself looking forward to clicking on the hashtag each day to see what others have shared, experiencing more than a little bit of envy at the assortment of places displayed. It makes me want to get up and fly away immediately!

Here's a selection of my own photos so far:

Day 1. You: That's pretty self-explanatory. || Day 2. Your ride: I just so happened to board two boats out of Reykjavik that day.||
Day 5. Your favourite place around here: the family home. || Day 6. Coffeeshop. || Day 7. Can't live without: books! ||
Day 9. Something new you've tried: travelling solo. || Day 10. Words to travel by: a quote from Donald Miller || 
Day 11. A sunset: at the Harpa, Reykjavik. || Day 12. A train: Prestwick station. || Day 13. Hey, I just met you: Icelandic horses. ||
Day 14. Street food: except it's clearly not, but it IS a very Scottish tub of ice-cream. || Day 15. Skyline: from Tunis back in May. ||
Day 16. Travel book: my travel diaries. || Day 17. A souvenir: coins from Iceland; a mirror from Tunisia and a painting from Tanzania. 

For more, follow me on Instagram at @laurawhispering.

What about you? Have you been joining in? Leave me your Instagram name in the comments below so I can have a sneaky look!

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