Daily Travelettes, Part 2.

I mentioned in a previous post that throughout July I was participating in the Travelettes' daily Instagram challenge.

Let's be honest.. I kind of lost my way towards the tail-end of the project, as is so very typical of me. Love a wee challenge, but sometimes I have the attention span of a goldfish. I had to post quite a few of my photos as catch-ups, well after the day of the prompt, and I think I entirely missed one or two. My bad.

That said, I really enjoyed being a participant in this little challenge and took particular delight in browsing the more creative photos shared by others from far more exotic locations.

These are the remainder of the pictures I managed to scrape together:

Row 1. Day 18. Luggage. || Day 20. A beach. A cold, Scottish beach. ||  Day 19. My camera.
Row 2. Day 22. Traditional local food: Some good Aberdeenshire butteries. (Also featured here.) || Day 23. A sign: from the Pennan Inn. || Day 24. Travel buddy: All of my travel buddies from our first Tanzanian adventure. || Day 25. A travel guide.
Row 3. Day 27. Foreign money. || Day 28. Your view from here: sadly just a view from the sound-desk at work. || Day 30. Feels like home. || Day 31. Hit the road.

Be sure to have a look at #dailytravelette on Instagram for more interesting contributions!

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  1. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments on my intermittent blog during our move. I finally have a little bit of time to read some blogs - the photos of the beach, the butteries and the country road tugged at my heartstrings!