After the write-off that was September, October wasn't going to have too much difficulty reaching "better month" stakes. I'm pleased to report that it did.. Mostly. It's been a busy month and I'm feeling a bit battered and bruised but altogether thankful for all that's passed..

This month:
  • I found out that September's exhaustion was caused by a bad case of anemia and am delighted to be feeling much better, physically, after the first month of iron-replacement pills.
  • After much internal debate, I started my second Open University module and am officially on my way to that Certificate in Mental Health Studies..
  • My sister and I saw Nina Nesbitt in concert for a second time. 
  • I survived what felt like 11,000 end-of-term school assemblies.
  • I took a wee road trip to Inverness, via Baxters and Portsoy, with some friends. It's the furthest I've driven by a very long way and I was (not-so) secretly quite chuffed with myself!
  • One of our cats went missing for 11 stressful, heartwrenching days ...and then miraculously reappeared in the kitchen one morning!
  • We ran a week-long holiday club for primary school kids at work and though we had the smallest attendance numbers ever, it was an incredibly blessed week - all superhero masks, iced biscuits, hide and seek, and a little group of heroes who seemed to relish every word. 
  • And then Street Pastors training ruined my life. 
  • (Disclaimer: Not really - it's actually rather brilliant and inspiring, it's just a tad emotionally draining too. And it involves role play. A lot of it. Enough said.)

I Read:
A collection of letters written under the guise of an agony aunt, this book is witty and charming in equal  parts and I have no idea why it took me an entire month to read! 

And I Watched:
'Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium' and 'Across the Universe' again; 'Filth' which was gripping and well made, but not for the faint of heart; and 'How I Live Now', which I was apprehensive about seeing given my adolescent fondness for the book, but which turned out to be beautifully shot and, I feel, did justice to the book despite the fact the characters' depth felt a wee bit lacking at the start. 

TV-wise I was hooked on 'The Great British Bake Off' final; entirely smitten with 'Educating Yorkshire' (hands up if you cried at the final episode..); chuckling along with 'Gogglebox' (it shouldn't work, but it does); intrigued by the first episode of 'Bedlam'; and patiently waiting for 'Homeland' to grip me in the way that previous series have..

So there we go.. another month bites the dust. I can't believe 2013 only has two months left to go!

How was October for you?

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  1. I'm so glad you got the anemia sorted! It's insidious, isn't it? And I was also very relieved to read your kitty returned. That must have been an extremely long 11 days. Is that a photo of it on the bottom of your mosaic? Lovely cat.
    Well done on all the good work you've been doing, as well. I think Street Pastors are very important. I've read a lot about their work in Life and Work, though I've never really seen them in action.
    Our October has been autumnal, and still a waiting game for our daughter to feel a bit better. We all know that will come, but sometimes it seems very cruel that it's gone on so long. However - much to be thankful for.
    By the way, I really liked your Christmas festivals post too. It made me wish I could come to some of those things! I'm sure Glasgow will have a few opportunities as well.

    1. Thanks Christine, I too am very relieved by all these things. That is indeed the mischievous missing cat - he's one of four, but it doesn't make it any less distressing when they disappear!

      I've enjoyed following your October over on your blog. It saddens me to read about your daughter's struggles, but I so admire the strength and hope with which you all face them! I hope you have success in getting her involved with that youth group you mentioned.

      Enjoy the festive period in Glasgow - it was probably my favourite time of the year when I lived in that neck of the woods!xo

  2. Glad your feeling better, hope the anaemia is under control!
    Daisy Dayz