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You're probably thinking, "Surely she's milked this London thing for long enough already?!" but, in actual fact, I've only just begun. I can wring at least another three posts out of all the things we got up to and the photos I took! ;)

One of the things we did most in London was eat.
"Well, duh," you might say.. But this wasn't just eating, let me assure you. This was serious eating. 

Whenever I've been to London in the past, I've either been on a seriously tight student budget (think Megabus from Glasgow and youth hostel bunks), or just in the company of people who are more comfortable in recognisable food chains, and so my foodie experiences have never been very adventurous. It was a novelty, then, to have neither of those restrictions this time around and to be in the company of an avid blog-reading sister armed with a recommendation list!

I thought I'd share a few of my favourites from the trip, starting off with breakfast. I'm not a big breakfast eater at the best of times, but even I had to admit that these were pretty epic...

1) The Good Life Eatery
All about healthy, local food with a raw, vegan, dairy or gluten free twist, the Good Life proves that good-for-you doesn't have to equal bland. Situated on Sloane Avenue in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the storefront drew us in with its display of rustic-looking cakes and bakes. It was from this selection that I chose my breakfast - a spelt and quinoa scone (why not?) enjoyed with jam and a matcha chai latte - while Christy opted for a more sensible breakfast in the form of a tasty looking bowl of granola, yoghurt and berries.

I must confess that I, personally, would begrudge paying the prices they charged for some of their sandwiches, salads and, in particular, their cold pressed juices, but the breakfast and bakes seemed fairly reasonable (for London, at least) and I enjoyed our visit for its atmosphere and attempt to do something different from the crowd.

Christy also purchased some of their peanut cups to take away - basically a natural, healthy version of Reece's cups - and it was pretty much worth the visit for those alone. Yum!

59 Sloane Avenue, London, SW3 3DH

2) The Breakfast Club
On the Sunday morning of our trip, we hopped on a tube across the city, headed for The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields and got there just in time: we had to queue inside the building for a while, but by the time we were seated the queue behind us was reaching a vanishing point somewhere down the street!

Named after the 80s movie, the yellow-fronted Breakfast Club diners have become something of a London institution, particularly among those searching out a hearty weekend brunch. All grungy diner decor, 80s memorabilia, neon signs, a secret "janitor's closet" and a fridge that's not really a fridge (shhh), it could have been tacky, but I was completely sold.

And if I hadn't already been won over, I certainly would have been when the menu was presented to me. Specialising in breakfasts, as the name would suggest, I actually struggled to choose one option from the extensive list - a rare experience for the vegetarians among us! I eventually settled on apple and cinnamon French toast - an excellent choice and quite possibly the best breakfast I've ever eaten! - while Christy opted for a "posh sausage sandwich" which she assures me was good.

Washed down with a large latte whilst people-watching and soaking up the buzz, this was the perfect breakfast to set us up for our wonder through the Brick Lane crowds.

The Breakfast Club,
12-16 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7L
(Other venues in Soho, Islington, Hoxton, Battersea Rise and soon at London Bridge)

3) Bill's
For our third and final breakfast we headed over to the Covent Garden branch of Bill's for a bowlful of porridge, bananas, hazelnuts and honey each. This was a seriously tasty breakfast, but served in such a huge bowl that I couldn't come close to finishing.

With its wood panels, blackboards, vintage-looking sofas and its jam-packed pantry shelves, this was another perfectly decorated establishment and I kind of wanted to replace all the jars with books and move in. In actual fact, though, the jars themselves are pretty good - we took home some "chilli jelly" and some "gooseberry and sloe gin jam" for the parentals and, having had to sample some, I can confirm that both are absolutely delicious.

Located within short walking distance of Covent Garden markets, Leicester Square and the National Portrait Gallery (where we were headed for David Bailey's Stardust exhibition), this is in just the right location for a quick foodie fix in the centre of London Town. 

St Martin's Courtyard, off Long Acre, London, WC2E 9AB
(Numerous other venues around London and throughout England)

Just "YUM!" all round.

Do you have a favourite breakfast venue from your travels?

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