Another month has come and gone and I'm still sat here, signed off work and watching my hopes for the year disintegrate.  I feel like 2014 is evaporating before me and March has been spent grasping at the vapours, trying to bring some enjoyment and perhaps a bit of purpose back to my life. 

I failed at the latter, but the first was a bit more successful. March was pancake day and puppy love; a trip to Ayrshire and a lunch in Aberdeen; handmade cards from Sunday School and chocolates from church friends; lighter nights and spring beginning to bloom. It was Mother's Day dinner and occasional coffee; Geocache hunting and deer in the woods; less time in bed and more in the car; and just trying to pause, to look at the world and find some good.

Less time in bed meant only 2 books this month, bringing me to 13 of my target 42. I read:
  • 'The Cuckoo's Calling' by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling)
    J.K Rowling's second publication, post-Harry, I had high hopes for this book. Unlike most of the population, I really enjoyed the first - 'The Casual Vacancy' - but I'm not entirely sure I can say the same for this. A bit of a murder mystery, the storyline was decent but not captivating and it took me most of the month to plough on through.
    That said, if this is the beginning of a series - which I suspect it might be - then I'd be interested to see how the next installment reads now that the characters are established.
  • 'This Book Will Save Your Life' by A.M. Homes
    I downloaded this on Kindle purely because it was cheap and looked like a suitably easy read to finish off the month. It was, but it was also surprisingly enjoyable! The story is ridiculously far-fetched (how much bad luck can one person really have?!) but the events feel less significant than the thoughts and emotions of the characters, and I found myself completely won over by their kind hearted-ness in the midst of turmoil.

This month I was watching:
'Grease' and 'To Kill A Mockingbird', both for the first in a very long time as they were on TV; the latter half of 'My Mad Fat Diary', series 2 and the start of the new season of 'Gogglebox'; Davina McCall's 'Beyond Breaking Point' for Sports Relief (what a total hero that woman is!); and 'The Book Thief' in the cinema - my favourite watch of the month.

And there we have it for another month. Can you believe that a quarter of 2014 is already gone?
I hope March was a good month for everyone.

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  1. Laura I am oh-so-familiar with that sense of time slipping away, being further behind, etc. But I try hard to focus on the good around me, and to remember that God has a far less limited view of what is important in life than I do. Still, it's really hard sometimes! I find this quote very comforting: Take care! x

    1. Such a beautifully apt quote - thank you for sharing xo