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Latte art at Foodstory Aberdeen

There are few things I like more than discovering somewhere new to spend time over lunch or coffee with a friend. The Foodstory Cafe has been on my radar for a while now and I've been dying to pay it a visit, but I haven't quite felt up to "braving" the city centre for the last few months. On Tuesday, though, I finally gave myself a kick up the bum and Lesley and I popped along to Thistle Street to see if we could find ourselves a new space in which to chat, chew and chill.

Bicycle Sign for Foodstory, Aberdeen
Outside The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen

With a name like 'The Foodstory Cafe', you'd expect this establishment to come with a bit of a tale ..and you certainly wouldn't be wrong! Originally housed in a smaller building round the corner on Rose Street, the owner decided to sell up and its manager and a friend jumped at the chance to buy in and carry its legacy on. With big dreams and their eyes on bigger premises, a Kickstarter initiative helped write a new chapter in this particular food story, with backers commiting over £10,000 towards a renovation project that allowed this former hair salon to be transformed in time for the doors to be opened in September 2013.

The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen
The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen
The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen

And what a transformation they've achieved! The classic bicycle and chalkboard which greet and guide you on Rose Street give something of a hint at the rustic charm of this place. Stripped back to the bare brick walls in parts; furnished with tables, chairs and shelves made from upcycled or repurposed windows, doors and crates; and adorned with blackboards, milk bottles and simple flora, this is pretty much what my future house looks like in my dreams!

The old chest and suitcases in the centre of the floor make for a particularly attractive display and the use of mismatched crockery was another nice touch. And the characters in this story are reflected in the decoration too with the name of each individual backer written onto the spine of their own hand drawn book on the chalkboard above the door. 

All of this combines to achieve an inviting, informal atmosphere with people at its heart and I could easily imagine passing hours here, feeling right at home.

Wraps at The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen
Cakes at The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen
Lunch and lattes at The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen

Of course none of that really matters unless the food matches up.. 

The FoodStory Cafe has a very particular vision when it comes to food. They believe in knowing the story surrounding their ingredients, giving them a natural inclination towards locally sourced produce and homemade goods. They focus on natural, healthy foods with a vegetarian and vegan emphasis (although some meat-based options are available), catering for 'free-from' diets as well. 

The menu is deceptively simple but made to the highest quality. Breakfast options include porridge, muesli and a selection of 'rolls', while the rest of the day sees them serve up soups, sandwiches and salads, as well as a 'daily special' and an array of cakes, bakes and hot and cold drinks. 

We got there pretty late in the day and the soups had all been gobbled up, but the wraps and salads that remained still gave more choice than this vegetarian is accustomed to! We both eventually settled on houmous, chilli jam and spinach salad wraps, containing a sprinkling of feta (I think?) and aubergine, served with a carrot salad on the side.. And oh my word was it good! 

Of course, it wouldn't be a true test if we didn't sample the coffee and cakes too, so we forced ourselves to wolf down some lattes, followed up by a slice of 'peanut crunch' and a piece of gluten-free carrot cake - all of which were given a firm thumbs up!

The Foodstory Cafe, Aberdeen

All in all, I was very much charmed by this cute little cafe. Their clear vision for both their food and their venue makes them a welcome breath of fresh air on the Aberdeen coffee shop scene and I'm more than convinced that I'll find myself trekking up Union Street to visit again soon!

15 Thistle Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1XY

Is there anywhere else in Aberdeen that me and my belly should be checking out?
Suggestions welcome in the comments below.

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