Because He Lives

It's Easter Sunday today: a day when we celebrate an empty grave and the return of a victorious Saviour who conquers even death.

I celebrated with my own little victory, making it to church for the first time in three months!

I'm glad I was able to be there. Easter without church would feel a little like Christmas without family, to me.
But I decided before I went that it didn't matter if I couldn't make it in: it didn't matter if I tried to go and messed it up.

Because the thing about Easter, you see, is that it reminds me that sometimes it's okay to trip up. It reminds me that falling down isn't the end of the story because it's always followed by a getting-back-up. It reminds me that God already knew how often I'd screw up, yet He thought I was worth dying for nonetheless. It reminds me that He knows my every fear and struggle and yet loves me with an abundant, unfailing love. And it reminds me that nothing I do or don't do could ever make that stop.

It's been good to be reminded of all these things.

This song feels like a very appropriate fit:

Happy Easter everyone. I hope it's been filled with peace and love.

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  1. I'm so glad you decided to try to go to church, and that you also managed it! The first is the most important, I think. It's a challenge for me to believe that God really does love me regardless of what I accomplish or not, of my many mistakes and regretful things. When I think of how crucial my own children's belief in themselves is, and how I wish more than anything that they could see themselves through our loving eyes, it's a bit easier to believe in Our Father/Mother's love for me as I am.

    Thank you very much for your recent comments on my blog. I know you really understand the need for a getaway! I wish I had a bit more time to read blogs at the moment - I want to catch up on your Skye travels.

    Take care of yourself, and I hope the peace of rebirth and hope stays with you every day, even just a little bit.