Bullers O Buchan

The sunshine has been putting in a regular appearance this week, the thermometer in the car reaching 21C at one point this afternoon! Inspired by the fact that I got round to publishing my Stonehaven post - finally - I found myself longing for fresh air, clifftops and pretty Scottish scenery. 

Just a 15 minute drive from my home, the Bullers of Buchan are a series of cliffs and collapsed sea caves on the coast between Cruden Bay and Peterhead. Well known for accommodating large numbers of fulmars, guillemots, razorbills and puffins, the route along these clifftops is popular with walkers, birdwatchers, tourists and photographers alike. 

And yet.. and I'm pretty ashamed to admit to it... I've never actually been there before.  

Slains Castle
There's a small car park off the A975 which is signposted specifically for the Bullers of Buchan, but I decided to make the most of the sunshine by leaving my car at the Slains Castle car park, walking North from there instead.

Built some time in the 16th century and modified in the 1800s, Slains Castle is said to have provided Bram Stoker with the inspiration for 'Dracula' during a stay in Cruden Bay. These days the castle is an unmaintained ruin, slowly crumbling into the North Sea. It's an unmanaged site that can be explored for free and I'm pleased to say that it I've at least made it out there previously! Unfortunately it isn't the safest of locations and being out on my own I thought it best that I skip a visit this time around.

Instead, I headed North from the car park and followed the trail to the cute little cottages at the 'Bullers', walked to the cove just beyond them and then traced the same route back. 

It was a walk full of beautiful blue skies, butterflies, beaches and fascinating coastal features. I'm fairly sure I even spotted some puffins on the way, though they were too far out to be entirely sure. Some of the rock formations are incredible -- I can't believe I haven't been out to see them before!

The Rock of Dunbuy: 

The Rock of Dunbuy.

The Camel's Back and Bow of Pitwartlachie:
The Bow of Pitwartlachie

The Bullers of Buchan and Its Cottages:
Cottages overlooking the Bullers of Buchan
Isn't this house adorable? I love that lots of coastal houses in the North East of Scotland are painted in the same colours as those in Greece or Tunisia!
The Pot

The Cove:

By the time I'd stopped to take so many photos the walk seemed to take me aaages - it was probably a good job I was on my own!

I was glad of that for other reasons too. I needed to dust off a cobweb or two and put things back into perspective for a while. Few things can do that for me in quite the same way as a beautiful piece of creation and this one certainly helped to put me back in my place!

Look, there's even a very rare 'selfie' of the cobwebs being well and truly blown away!

Isn't Scotland great?!

"O Lord, how many are Your works! You made them all in wisdom. The earth is full of what You have made."
[Psalm 104:24]

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  1. wow, lovely photos, lovely scenery! I would like to live there. Especially this coastal house is incredible!
    If I could invite you to my fb: www.facebook.com/catherinethebrave

    I will put your photos into my fanpage:)