May-June: The Summary

Is it just me or is this year passing by far too fast? How is it the 4th of July already? I can't keep up!

Half of 2014 is gone and I'm a little bit sad about the way it's passed. It feels like nothing's gone quite to plan in the last six months - life has done what life always does, laughing in the face of my ambitions and handing me a boxful of surprises instead. 

It's been an odd few months - none more so than the most recent two. My little enforced hiatus meant I wasn't able to write an update last month, but May and June have been so conglomerated in my mind that I might as well roll them into one..


So what have I been up to? 

May got off to a fairly quiet start full of fresh air and the occasional spot of exercise: I started running again for the first time in a good 9 months and enjoyed many a walk to the castle, the beach, the Bullers of Buchan and Aden Park. I also wrote and passed my final ever (pre-exam) assignment for my Open Uni course, which was both miraculous and an enormous relief!

Things then took a rather surprising twist and I found myself packing up a suitcase and unexpectedly driving to Glasgow for four long weeks. 

Glasgow was daunting and scary and really rather intense. But it was also full of learning and growth, of kindness and compassion, of fascinating stories and newly found friends. There was mindfulness and yoga; relaxation classes and running in the park. There were sunny days in the Gardens and dinners with friends; visits from family and trips to Loch Lomond. There was bubble tea and ice-cream; nightly hot chocolates and endless cups of coffee.

The end of May came and went and the arrival of June brought with it my 26th birthday. The first few weeks of the month passed in much the same vein as the last - with good food, good company and a new-found obsession with colouring-in - and then it was time for some melancholic goodbyes and a return home to the cold(er) North East.

The rest of the month was quickly absorbed by dog walks and castles, mindfulness practice and gardening, an evening of cake and balloons (for my brother's birthday), and a therapeutic frenzy of ruthlessly clearing out my room.

At the end of June the year took its most unexpected twist of all when, after five months off, I made the decision to hand in my resignation at work. It was a tough conclusion to reach and I have so many feelings about it all - a strange mix of sadness, relief and fear about the future - but I think it was the right thing, though I haven't quite got used to the fact that I'm starting the second half of the year in the land of unemployment.

Life at the moment is a great unknown. But then I guess it always is, really, however much we try to convince ourselves differently. It's a scary, worrying, uncomfortable place to be. But it's an exciting one as well, because who knows what adventures the days ahead might bring?! It's proving difficult, but I'm trying to look forward hopefully and expectantly, ready for the next stage on this long, winding journey.

So there we go. May and June were strange months and I'm curious to see what surprises July tries to throw at me. Whatever they bring, I hope the days are treating all of you gently and kindly. 

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  1. Good to see a post from you, Laura. What a first half of the year it's been for you! I was just speaking this afternoon with a woman who, like me, had had a surprise pregnancy later in life. We both said, "Life is full of surprises!" And we agreed that sometimes those surprises are very nice ones. Although I'm not suggesting pregnancy necessarily, I really hope that you get some good surprises coming your way. Perhaps leaving your current job is the necessary first step to something even better down the line. Take care!

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