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This fortnight's findings.. 

This little video from Ramblers Scotland is a brilliant reminder of what a beautiful country we live in. 

* A survey for World Book Day came up with '50 Books Every Child Should Read by 16'. I'm a decade on from that now, but I want to go and read all the ones I missed!

* These 'Grammar Grumble' mugs make me happy.

* I chuckled at this comic strip about your favourite drink and what it reveals about you.

* I've been drooling over lots of recipes by Anna Jones, whose vegetarian cook book - 'A Modern Way to Eat' - I may now have to go and purchase.

* I haven't been doing such a good job on the "quitting sugar" front this fortnight (largely because of these), but this article gives some of the frightening neuro-chemical and behavioural background to our addiction.

* For International Women's Day, the National Geographic asked some of its female photographers to share a photo "that revealed a woman's experience". Both the images and stories are striking.

* British Science Week kicks off tomorrow and I'm pleased to see that Aberdeen has its own programme of events.

* It's appalling that it's necessary, but this metaphor about consent is very clever.

* This London bucket-list has me longing to go and play in the city again.

* And this interview on mindfulness with Andy Puddicombe - co-founder of Headspace - speaks an awful lot of sense...

"Change happens in the here and now. How could it possibly happen anywhere else? Nothing else exists! When we learn how to be present, how to be aware of each and every moment, resting effortlessly in the ups and downs of life, then, and only then, can real change begin to take place."

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