April: A Month In Rearview

Secrets in the drawers at FoodStory. // Feeling super girly. // First Chemex experience at The Coffee Apothecary.
King's College Chapel in the sun. // A yummy St Combs "cappy". // The river Don as the sun sets.

Apparently we're a third of the way through 2015 already. How did that happen so quickly?!

April has been a funny old month - not least for the weather, which couldn't seem to decide whether to cover us in sunshine or blanket us in snow! It's been a busy month and I feel like I've spent a lot of it running in circles, chasing my tail and getting nowhere very fast at all.

I did a lot of overtime at work in the last few weeks and although it still doesn't amount to most people's normal working hours, it's been a bit too much for me. It's felt relentless and all-consuming, increasing my anxiety and resulting in one or two rather humiliating sobbing-and-shaking-in-the-kitchen episodes in the middle of my shifts. Oh dear. I'm trying to chalk it up to experience and see it as a lesson learned in not doing too much too soon.. However frustrating that might be. 

Outside of work, April was busy with lots of good things. 

I've been running and swimming a fair bit in preparation for my fundraising challenges; and the lighter nights (hurrah!) have seen me out and about with my camera and a Geocaching app, exploring the local area a little more. The Look Again festival happened in Aberdeen and I enjoyed seeing the city's statues in stylish new attire; and I went to the cinema for the first time in forever and didn't think the tears were going to stop for long enough to leave after 'The Falling'. (So beautiful.) The hunt for my sister's wedding dress has officially begun, so there's been lots of excitement and some quality family time surrounding that. I've spent an inordinate amount of time in ice-cream parlours and coffee shops. I started going to a new group at church, which has been challenging but good. And I took a little road-trip to St Andrews and spent a day at the aquarium and a distillery, on which more is to come.

It's been a good month, really, but though it doesn't sound like much I feel as if I haven't stopped. I'm pretty worn out, physically and emotionally, and hoping that May might be a quieter month in terms of work so that  I can recharge my batteries and get back to a place where I really enjoy and appreciate all the other good stuff.

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  1. A great month! Seems we have both been busy bees! Take it easy my dear! Xxx