Caught On the Web: A #MHAW15 Special

Mental Health Awareness Week runs this week, from May 11th-17th.
It seemed only right that this round-up from Planet Internet be mental health themed..

Do You Have Mental Health Problems? by Ruby Etc

* I recently stumbled upon this article on 'How It Actually Feels to Live with Severe Anxiety' and found it so accurate I got kind of anxious just reading it.

* Some of this list - '13 Things to Remember if You Love a Person with Anxiety' - is pretty accurate too. Being exhausted? Yes. Being overwhelmed by background noise? Yes. Recognising how hard it can be for loved ones? Yes. Being utterly grateful for those who stick around? Yes, yes and YES.

One of the key aims of MHAW is to get people talking about mental health in a way that helps to reduce stigma.

* That's a goal shared by the designers over at Wear Your Label, who want to "end stigma in style." (I particularly like the "Your Story Isn't Over" leggings. So cute!)

* On a similar note, the lovely Claire Greaves has been on a quest to find out what we'd say if we answered the question "How Are You?" more honestly. The responses are pretty touching.

* This article, meanwhile, looks at the importance of asking that question of ourselves and learning to name our emotions.

Each year, a different topic is chosen as the focus of Mental Health Awareness Week. This year the focus is on 'Mindfulness'. 

* You can read why that is here

* They're recommending the Be Mindful course as a way to begin incorporating mindfulness into your daily lifestyle.

* Headspace is perhaps the best resource I can personally think of to introduce you to this practice. 

 * Comedienne Ruby Wax - who's about to be awarded an OBE for her services to mental health - writes, speaks and tweets a lot of good stuff about mindfulness (which makes sense given her Master's degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). You can catch her over on Facebook, Twitter or currently touring the country with her show 'Sane New World'.

* To bring a little bit of balance, however, Tayana Simons writes: 'Mindfulness: Let's Be Mindful of Its Limitations'.

* A Metro piece, meanwhile, questions whether there aren't more pressing issues in the area of mental health on which we could be focussing our attention this week. (I reckon there are. And we need to keep looking at them far beyond this week.) 

* If you're in the Aberdeen area, you might want to pop along to Mental Health Aberdeen's 'Music in the Gardens' tomorrow (Saturday) from 1-5pm.

* Likewise, you might be interested in this four-session course on 'Positive Living' which seeks to look at how the mind works and how to have better control over your thoughts.

* Or perhaps this workshop on Christian Mindfulness at the end of the month would be of more interest?  I'm already booked up and looking forward to being there! 

For even more thoughts, insights & links, be sure to check out #MHAW15 over on Twitter. 

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