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Abzmeet Abzchat - Aberdeen Bloggers

On Saturday morning I had the pleasure of getting together with a group of bloggers from in and around Aberdeen.

Living so far north, opportunities to meet with other bloggers tend to be pretty rare. There had been a few organised events in Aberdeen a while back - mostly geared towards beauty and fashion blogs - but even those seem to have fallen by the wayside over the last year. Talk on Twitter recently brought attention to this gap and the lovely Karen of Tiny Bird Heart stepped up to help fill it in.  

Abzmeet Abzchat - Aberdeen Bloggers at Rye and Soda
L-R: Sam, Sarah, Amey, Karen, Christy and Anastasia
What resulted was a wee bloggers' brunch where myself and six beautiful ladies got together to put some faces to the names, munch on some good food, share some local tips and chat all things bloggy.

Seated around the table were Amey of Teacups and Buttondrops; Anastasia of Natbee's Fashion; Karen of Tiny Bird Heart; Sarah of Sarah Rooftops; Sam of Hello from Rosebud Annie; and some weirdo called Christy who blogs over at Dinner Stories (and also happens to be my sister). 

They were all LOVELY and made me feel quite at ease, which is no mean feat! I really appreciated the eclectic mix among us - everyone's blog completely different, covering a wide range of themes, and yet all of them well worth a read.

Brunch at Rye and Soda Aberdeen

Rye and Soda provided the backdrop to this particular get-together thanks to its tempting brunch menu. I've popped in here a few times now - the first for a quick alfresco lunch, where a skurry seagull decided to poo on me (Ug!); once or twice for coffee; and now a couple of times for breakfast - and I think I enjoy it more with every visit.  

Served daily from 10:30am-4pm, their brunch menu contains a good mix of dishes from eggs and full cooked breakfasts through to pies and fish and chips. I pounced on the pancakes this time round - as did most of the girls - and enjoyed them with strawberries and cream, while Christy opted for an impressive-looking smoked haddock omelette. I've yet to dine here in an evening, but their dinner menu looks appealing too and would provide a good opportunity to get started on that extensive gin list! 

I really enjoyed my morning meeting everyone and hope there might be more opportunities to get together in the future. If you're a blogger in the area, be sure to get in touch if you'd be keen to come along.

(This gathering inspired me to add a list of local bloggers to my Aberdeen(shire) "Directory". You can check that out here.)

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  1. Great post Laura! Thanks :)

    P.S: I've been meaning to do mine for ages but I blame my scheduled posts for this...


    1. Thanks, Anastasia.
      I think we can forgive you given how great your trip looks in your most recent posts!xo