Color Me Rad

Just over a week ago now (though a birthday, an exam and a trip to London make it seem like much longer!) I took part in Color Me Rad and conquered the first of my three challenges to raise money for SAMH - the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

It was an unfortunately windy morning and the flatmates and I must have looked quite a picture as we hopped on a bus in our white outfits and headed for Aberdeen beach. Billed as a 5km colour-bombed fun run, the three of us decided to stay together for the duration of the course, not worrying about times but soaking up the paint and the atmosphere instead. 

As it turned out, they were a bit lacking in both those things. Perhaps because of the weather, there were none of the mortars and cannons we were promised and the only colour we encountered was in the form of powder squeezed from retro-looking sauce bottles every kilometer or so along the way. It was a little disappointing, to be honest, but I'm going to make our blustery Scottish coast shoulder the blame!

Besides being a little less colourful than I would have liked, it was a fun experience just running alongside so many other people and accomplishing something with my friends. According to our various apps the course  only measured 4.5km, but we made ourselves look a bit silly by carrying on past the finish line until we reached our target 5k.

Mission complete!

It was an enjoyable enough event and I'm thankful that preparing for it pushed me into learning how to run. That's one challenge out of three officially done. Now bring on the next one!

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