Daytrippin': Loch Muick

(At last, a post that's not about London!)

It's a rare occasion that my flatmates and I have a day off that actually coincides. It's an even rarer occasion that the sun decides to shine on the same day! When that very thing happened one day the other week, we decided to make the most of it with a little day trip. 

Drive about 40 miles west of Aberdeen - into the boundaries of the Cairngorm National Park - and you find yourself on the grounds of the sprawling Balmoral Estate. Spanning some 50,000 acres of land, the estate is home to Balmoral Castle - the Royal family's Scottish residence - as well as working farmland, forestry, herds of deer and Highland cattle, and a beautiful mountain known as Lochnagar. 

Not feeling quite energetic enough to tackle a Munro, we headed onto the estate from Ballater and settled on a walk around the rather lovely Loch Muick. 

The scenery is stunning. Instead of trying to describe it with feeble words, I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves...

Loch Muick - Balmoral - Scotland

Loch Muick - Balmoral - Scotland

Deer on Balmoral Estate Scotland

Waterfall at Loch Muick - Balmoral - Scotland

Such a nice afternoon, followed up by eating ALL of the food at Wagamamas and Cafe Cognito. Hey, we earned it!!


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  1. I LOVE Loch Muick (and the Cairngorms in general), it's such a beautiful and peaceful place. Allan and I went there on our first walking date! x

  2. Oh that is just great - many happy memories of walking around Loch Muick with the kids, summer and winter. Nice to see the deer, too!