LONDON // Stepney City Farm

On my second day in London - after we'd fueled up on caffeine, of course, with a trip to White Mulberries - Eve was keen to introduce me to one of her very favourite places in the city.

Across in Tower Hamlets, quite inconspicuous among the rush of the East End, there lies the calm oasis known as Stepney City Farm. A working farm and rural arts centre right there in the midst of the urban sprawl, the project can be visited for free six days a week and provides a dedicated space in the community where vegetables and fruit can be grown and sold; where children can learn hands-on about the source of their food; where skills can be developed and new activities given a go; where animals can be encountered and interacted with up close; and where people become connected through a shared purpose and goal.

The farm is home to poultry, pigs, donkeys, sheep, bunny rabbits, guinea pigs and an adorable family of goats, all of whom are bred and looked after using traditional practices, with a commitment to the highest standards of care.

In addition to this there are allotment spaces; blacksmith, woodwork and pottery workshops; a weekly market; and a farm shop and cafe serving food straight from the farm, alongside other carefully sourced seasonal produce. 

With its focus on loving and serving the local community and its commitment to just and ethical practices (in the way it looks after both its animals and its humans(!) - guaranteeing employees at least the Living Wage), coupled with the "Awwwww!" factor of the animals and the beauty of the space, it was very easy to see why Eve is so fond of this place.

We spent a good few hours here, playing with some of the animals, climbing the tree-house like big kids, sipping tea from the cafe and generally enjoying the peace and quiet in the sun.

It was a pretty blissful way to spend an afternoon, I must say!

This was my first experience of a city farm and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are similar initiatives the length and breadth of the country - many of which can be found via the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens - and I would definitely recommend finding out if there's one close enough for you to visit.

Stepney Way, E1 3DG


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  1. Oh! cute place! I want to visit it too!

    1. It really is. I can't recommend it highly enough!x