AUGUST // A Month In Rearview

 August was a bit of an odd month. 

It got off to a horrendous start for some of my family, for reasons I won't go into. We then found out, after endless visits to the vets and scans at diagnostic centres, that our beautiful Ragdoll Mai has incurable kidney disease, which brought with it a kind of worry and sadness only other pet owners will understand. And then (paling into insignificance compared to everything else) I learned, after a stressful assessment period, that I was to be refused a particular treatment that I'd waited almost 10 months for - the one particular treatment that all the professionals had said would help and which everything else had been structured around. Needless to say my mood took a bit of a knock. 

In the midst of it all, though, my friends rallied round while I struggled to leave the house, sharing picnics in the garden and nights eating too much frozen yoghurt with the Great British Bake-Off on TV.  

And to my immense gratitude and relief, things picked up towards the latter half of the month. 

I started venturing out a little more - first to quiet country coffee shops with my mum, followed by fractionally busier ones with friends, before making it into the city centre for the first time in months, eventually even conquering Glasgow. 

I spent a particularly enjoyable day with Lesley, introducing her to some of my favourite coffee spots in the 'Shire and Geocaching in the countryside around Pitmedden and Udny. Then came my Mamabear's birthday, with a nice afternoon in the park with my nephew, an evening eating Chinese and watching cheesy movies, followed by a morning chucking me and the dog in the sea! 

Before I knew it, the month was almost over and it was time for Glasgow and the Great Scottish Swim. I got to spend a day with Eve, meeting her mum, eating lots of gluten-free food and being reunited with the ever-beautiful Byres Road, and then it was off to Loch Lomond for a surprisingly enjoyable Saturday tackling my first open-water swim. 

And just like that August was over, ending on a far more positive note than the one with which it had begun, and September was upon us - a week already gone before I ever found time to blog! 

 I hope the past month has been kind to all of you. Happy September, everyone!


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  1. I feel quite outraged on your behalf about your not getting the promised (and promising) treatment. And I'm so glad the month picked up. It was great to meet you at Loch Lomond! Take care.