SEPTEMBER // A Month In Rearview

Jen overlooking Dunnottar Castle

Eeek, September positively flew by and I am so behind in completing the half-drafted posts I meant to share.  Here's a quick, much-belated overview of what I got up to instead:

I started the month with a week off work to relax and recuperate after the Great Scottish Swim. As it happened, there wasn't much recuperating going on with all the rushing about I seemed to do, but it was a lot of fun! My baby sister and her fiance just became home-owners (which makes me feel very old!), so she too had some time off work and I took advantage of the opportunity to check out their new home and to organise a girly night out - just the two of us and mum - spent enjoying dinner at Shri Bheema's and seeing the brilliant Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time at His Majesty's. 

That same week I took a trip up to Banff and caught up with a friend over lunch in the 'Breakfast Room' of a lovely old manor house; spent an afternoon Go Ape-ing at Crathes Castle; had a little road-trip up to Fochabers for some bridesmaid duties (and some ice-cream); and then it was time to head back to work.

The following week was back to the grindstone, but my friend Jen came up from Glasgow to stay for a few days and I loved both her company and the chance to introduce her to some of my favourite places in and around Aberdeen.We coffee'd at Foodstory; ate cake and wandered around the lake at Formartines; took a drive up the coast and explored the Bullers o' Buchan; headed down to Stonehaven to admire Dunnottar Castle and Auntie Betty's ice-cream; and spent some time just chilling and getting to know each other a bit more.

The latter half of the month seemed to revolve around work, work, work. I didn't even work many hours by most people's standards; it was just that I was tired out and struggled to do much else. I did manage the odd trip into town for coffee (of course!); Lesley and I used a Nectar card bargain to go and see Everest in the cinema; and there were more bridesmaid duties at the end of the month with a visit to the "Big Buchan Bridal Bash" (really just another excuse to look at pretty things and enjoy the company of family). 

And just like that, another month had been and gone and the year was three quarters of the way through!

September picture collage


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