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Revolution Aberdeen Picnic


The other week I wrote about the first half of our Aberdeen bloggers' event at Revolution on Belmont Street, where we got to try our hand at making - and of course drinking - lots of cocktails.  

What I haven't yet shared is the second half of the event, where the focus firmly shifted from drinks to food.

ALLLLL of the food.

Spring/summer menu Revolution Aberdeen

So it was that we found ourselves heading downstairs to the basement bar and newly refurbished terrace area, ready for a little taste of their new menu.

I've never ventured down the stairs before and so have nothing to compare it to, but the new terrace is looking fresh and spring-like, channelling lots of garden vibes with all those outdoor lights and pastel-coloured plant pots, tying in nicely with its outdoor decking area overlooking Union Terrace Gardens.

This was a bright but chilly day and we were glad of the glass covering and heated lamps on this occasion, but the sun shining in upon our park-like tables and banquette benches made it feel like we were dining al fresco on a warm summer's day, and I can imagine just how blissful it would be when the Scottish weather decides to cooperate! 

Live music Revolution Aberdeen

With our self-made drinks at hand and the sounds of a live guitarist washing over us, we settled nicely into imaginary park life and were ready for them to bring on the food! 

I must confess that I've only once dined at Revolution prior to this - quite some time ago now - and had left feeling disappointed by their limited vegetarian selection and let down by a lack lustre dessert that had sounded so much better than what was served. My expectations weren't set particularly high, then, but I was more than a little intrigued to see what their newly launched spring/summer menu might have in store..

With a strap-line that reads "Leave Your Food Morals at the Door," the Revolution Kitchen is all about fun and friendly dining, putting their own unique spin on things and crafting a menu that encourages you to relax together over your food. In keeping with the outdoorsy theme, our food was brought to us on wooden platters, garden crates and floral-patterned plates, perfect for passing around the table and getting stuck in. 

And get-stuck-in we certainly did!

Food started arriving slowly to begin with - crates of buttermilk fried chicken, breaded king prawns and goat's cheese bon bons - but no sooner had we tucked into those when more arrived at our table ..and then more.. and more.. and more.

Alongside the fried chicken sandwiches, calamari and three varieties of flat-bread pizza, there arrived some unusual choices, like the mini beef burgers topped with Wotsits, and some fun dishes like those old school fish finger sandwiches, but I must confess it was the likes of the lobster ravioli and seafood provencal which came as more of a surprise to me!

Given my previous experience, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of vegetarian options that were also offered. Besides the bon bons and margherita pizza, there was houmous with wholegrain and honey flat-bread; some well-dressed house salads; wraps full of halloumi, houmous and vodka salsa; and some of the tastiest sweet potato fries I've ever had. 

Being a particularly awkward vegetarian who tries not to over-indulge in gluten, I was a little more restricted with my options and though what I sampled was tasty, I didn't think I'd be rushing back for food any time soon. That said, I've since had a look at the full menu and see that they also offer a courgetti dish, a sweet potato and bean burger, and some beer battered halloumi and chips, which may tempt me back sooner than originally imagined!

I'll gladly admit I was far more impressed than I expected to be when it came to the quality of food served up to us and, coupled with the laughs of the cocktail-making, it was a very enjoyable afternoon! Big thanks must go to Revolution Aberdeen for hosting us and to Julia for all her hard work in organising things. Cheers!
25 Belmont Street, Aberdeen


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