If you happen to have followed my blog for a while now, you’ll probably know that mental health is a topic of great interest for me and a subject close to my heart. I’ve mentioned a little bit about studying for my ‘Certificate in Mental Health’ with the Open University, and I banged on quite extensively about last year's fund-raising efforts for SAMH. I've moaned about anxiety now and again and occasionally alluded to other happenings, but things have generally been vague and other mental health posts few and far between. 

I've been thinking for some time now that I'd like to change that. I'd love to write about the subject a little more and have been giving a lot of consideration about how best to go about that: how to be open without making myself too vulnerable; how to share without over-sharing; and whether or not it even fits here on this blog. It's crossed my mind to start another blog entirely - maybe even anonymously - isolating the subject from all the playlists and pictures and coffee shops here on this one. 

In the end, I've decided against that. My blog is generally a "lifestyle" blog and my lifestyle just so happens to include some areas relating to mental health. I can't separate my life into neat little packages - 'Coffee-Lover' in this box; 'Vegetarian' in another; 'Mentals' in the next one - as they're all too well connected and tightly bound. 

So it is that I won't be trying to make those parcels out of my blog. What I will be doing is touching on the topic of mental health a little more from now on, weaving it between threads of restaurant reviews and photographs and whatever else I normally go on about. I hope that won't put you off. I'd be so glad to have you follow along! 


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  1. We really need more people talking and sharing on the topic of mental health. It's such a huge part of our modern society and yet it doesn't get enough attention. I'd like to hear from you and I don't think oversharing is an issue, not when we've suffered so much from not sharing at all.:) xx

  2. I agree that more people should talk about it as it would make others aware on how it feels for those that suffer from mental health issues. Maybe then they will realise that you can't just shake it off or take a few pills and you will be happy again.

    This is part of who you are and if it makes just one person realise that it's not something you can change overnight or helps one person suffering from it get help then that is a good thing. You may even find it helps you too.
    Take care

    Denise xx