IN REARVIEW // May 2016

I am quite spectacularly late in writing this post, but the days that have passed since May came to an end have been.. strange. I haven't felt much like turning the laptop on, never mind trying to write or reflect back on the previous month.

Not that there's very much to reflect on!

May itself was an unusual month in that I spent its entirety as a hospital inpatient. Most of my days flew by in a rapid routine of meal times and medications and blood tests and activity sessions and napping and doctors' reviews; each blurring into the next until I lost track of which week day was which. Time, here, has a strange habit of moving both slowly and quickly all at once so that afternoons drag on and on, yet blink and an entire week has gone. It was a long yet somehow speedy month.

It was a hard month, largely spent diverting myself from buttons marked 'Self-Destruct' or 'I Give Up'; my mind like a disobedient child set on touching what it shouldn't touch.

In the midst of that, though, were some positive distractions: hysterics in the maze at Hazlehead Park; discovering new cafes like Fifi's gluten-free bistro or Bagels and Stuff; trips to both my "homes" to snuggle with the dogs; picnics in the garden under Aberdonian sun; lunching with the blogging ladies courtesy of Adelphi;  and eating all the ice-cream at various parlours across the city.

Basically, I just had a big fat month! (But there are worse things than getting fat.)

I hope everyone else had a good May and that June has gotten off to a flying start. Here goes another month..

Marks and Spencer picnic
bagels and stuff - Aberdeen
Cafe Cognito - Aberdeen


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  1. I was in hospital for the better part of a month once and it is no fun, hope you are feeling better soon. xo p.s. A review of the best ice cream parlours would be fun! :-)

    1. Definitely think such a post could be in order ...especially if it gives me an excuse to eat MORE ice-cream! ;) xo