IN REARVIEW // July 2016

I'm writing this update really far into August (though I'll post it as though it were a much earlier date; because organisation and all that!). It seems a bit silly to be writing it so late and I almost didn't bother at all, to be honest, but it's nice to be able to look back across the year and see how life panned out, so I'll crack on. Better late than never, right?

July turned out to be a busy old month. A really busy old month.

After almost ten weeks in the hospital, I was discharged back to outpatients on the 4th day of the month and jumped straight into a tidal wave of appointments and engagements - of things to do and people to see - that lasted 'til July was done.

There were blood tests and GP phone calls; CPN sessions and consultant reviews; playing musical pharmacies and visiting the Department Which Shall Not Be Named for a soul-destroying four-week group. Through all of that arose the potential for a supported employment placement, which brought with it phone calls and visits and nerve-wracking trials and interviews.  

When I wasn't caught up in these things, I spent a lot of time at my parents', feeling like a bit of a yo-yo to-ig and fro-ing between there and Aberdeen.

My nephew Lucas turned 3 this month and I got to spend a joy-filled weekend watching him open presents, walking up a hill and eating delicious vegan cake and BBQ food.

It was Christy's birthday later in the month and we celebrated with an evening enjoying drinks in Brewdog and food at Adelphi, eating our way through a sample of their wedding menu.

With the wedding coming up in August, preparations were running at full speed throughout the whole of the month! There was an unsuccessful trip up to Banchory on a mother-of-the-bride dress hunt, followed by a successful journey back to Peterhead, where a pretty grey outfit was picked. There was a return to the venue, planning layouts and decorations and enjoying the views. There was the all-important collection of an all-important dress - final alterations now complete - and the dash around the shops for all those last minute needs. There were gifts to be wrapped, favours to be baked, signs to be painted, chalkboards to be written on and 101 tiny details to be neatly tied up before the day.

Bridesmaid duties got all kinds of girly - getting my hair cut, visiting the dentist, trialling my make-up and hair - and I got all kinds of over-emotional at how awful I looked and at gaining so much weight. (Keeping it classy!)

More notably, bridesmaid duties meant lending a helping hand at a "home henny" - a hen party at home for a wider group of friends and family, not all of whom could come to Edinburgh. We had our own "intoxicated tea party," quite literally in Christy's home, where everyone brought a bottle and something yummy to eat. I had fun putting together some decorations on a 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' theme and planned some silly games - just in case anyone forgot it was a hen party! - and it was an enjoyable evening in the company of most of Christy's faves.

Right at the end of the month came a strange and slightly surreal afternoon spent eating cake and watching Highland dancing in the company of an old Tanzanian friend, visiting the U.K on Salvation Army business. It was strange to be reunited as 'Team Tanzania' - so many years having passed since our last activity - but it was lovely to spend time reminiscing about our adventures and the wonderful people we met there. 

All in all, July wasn't a bad month. There was a certain degree of grit-your-teeth-and-plough-on-through at play in parts, but it was interspersed with some real moments of enjoyment and a mounting sense of excitement about what August would bring!


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