IN REARVIEW // August 2016

Unlike many of its predecessors, the month of August arrived to a warm and expectant welcome, excited for the big event it was about to bring.

The first week flew by in a bustle of final preparations and finishing touches and before we knew it it was Friday and it was here: the eve of Christy and Gordon's wedding day! We spent the day decorating the venue, transforming it from big empty tent into twinkling yurt - all decked out in yellow and greys - and then, come evening, the wedding party gathered together to rehearse. A few last details later and it was time to head home for chocolate fondue and a decent night's sleep, ready for the arrival of The Big Day.

I've never been part of a bridal party before, but I was pleasantly surprised by what a chilled out morning we had as we got ourselves ready for the ceremony. Starting early, dad was on breakfast duty as the other bridesmaids, hairdressers and make-up artist arrived at the house and the pampering and preparations got under-way. There was an endless stream of tea as we had our hair curled, pleated and pinned and our make-up painted on delicately; we welcomed in the photographer, cracked open the Bucks Fizz and were spoiled with presents from Christy; and there was even time to fuel up on crumpets and Crunchie spread before changing into our dresses and helping the bride fasten up hers. 

A few photos and beautiful bouquets later and it was time to slip into the cars and get the show underway! 

Arriving at Crimonmogate, the photographer greeted us for a few more snaps and then we headed in for a short, sweet ceremony in the reception hall, where one of the best men gave an amusing reading, the bride and groom exchanged rings and vows, signed the register and shared a drink in a traditional Quaich ceremony; and my aunt provided an accidental moment of comedy!

Then it was out onto the lawn for bubbles of the blown kind and the drinkable sort; more photographs (so many photographs! Thankfully Jules made that much easier than it could have been.); and then off to the beautiful yurt for more drinks from 10 Dollar Shake and some very tasty canap├ęs while the newly weds enjoyed some champagne and their first few moments as a married couple in relative peace.

There were speeches from my Papabear, Gordon and his other best man, who all spoke brilliantly in their own kind of way, and then we tucked into a feast prepared by Chris at Beetroot Restaurants - mine the fully vegan option, made especially. I'm still dreaming about that dessert and all its rich  chocolate goodness with the sweet tang of raspberries!

Gordon's special sticky toffee pudding!

Evening guests soon began arriving as we concluded our meal and before long it was time for the cake to be cut, the newly-weds to have their first dance (played beautifully by Gordon's cousin), and the party to get under way! 

Save for a brief interlude when we tucked into veggie burritos and American hot dogs (aka CUE BBQ's finest sausages, topped with sauces by Angus and Oink), the dance floor was never empty the entire night as the band led us through some ceilidh dances, some wedding classics and some of Christy and Gordon's favourite songs. It was a fun-filled evening celebrating the new Mr and Mrs in style! Before we knew it it was pumpkin time and our coaches arrived, ready to whisk us all home, and just like that one beautiful day was done. Big congratulations to Christy and Gordon!

And so on into the rest of the month, where the celebrations carried on. 

Shortly after the wedding, one of my closest friends found out that she'd passed her exams and secured a place at university, studying mental health nursing, and so we toasted her success with  drinks and a very tasty dinner at CUE BBQ. (Beetroot obsession, much?) My cousin turned 21 at the start of the month and celebrated with a boozy afternoon tea - a joint affair with one of her friends - and some drinks in town. And further into the month came my Mamabear's birthday, which we marked with a picnic and games in Duthie Park.

The month also saw me submit my resignation to my previous job, moving on to a new job, of sorts, with a charity who provide positions of supported employment to people who've had difficulty with their mental health. I'm just working in a cafe two mornings a week, but it's a first step back into working life (having been signed off since December!) and it comes with opportunities to learn new skills, with space for actively building up confidence, and - most significantly - with people who understand. 

Elsewhere in the month I seemed to spend quite a bit of time wandering around the city, grabbing some Geocaches and discovering the odd place I'd never before seen!

Things began to unravel somewhat towards the latter half of the month and I think that walking and gym-ing and Geocaching became a distraction from that, as did a very welcome visit to the new Crolla's ice-cream parlour, for lots of free ice-cream! (Things had gotten kind of difficult before that and my psychiatrist very kindly found some space in her diary to see me. I had mentioned the Crolla's soft-launch and am going to use her remark that I should "Go and eat four pounds worth of ice-cream!" as a means to justify my addiction to frozen desserts, from now on.)

The ultimate distraction arrived at the very end of the month as I headed off to Spain. I very nearly didn't go, thinking I wouldn't be able to cope - particularly for the first few days when I would be alone - but in the end I decided to take the risk and so concluded the month exploring Barcelona ...more on which will follow! Watch this space.

I hope August was an eventful and enjoyable moth for all of you :)

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  1. Wow, a jam packed month! You all looked lovely at the wedding,such pretty colours! I had a wee solo jaunt this month, which I enjoyed but also had moments of real stress with too, I think people who say it's easy are bluffing! ;-) Best of luck with your new job! And I must get to Crolla's, I seem to be the only blogger in Aberdeen who hasn't been! :-)