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Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen

It's about 3 degrees outside on a cold, dark January evening and a queue snakes patiently down an Aberdeen street, tightening their scarves and breathing clouds of steam. The cold is biting, but we Scots are hardy and if anything can convince us to test that it's this: good Scottish thrift and the promise of a free feed!

The line has gathered outside Muchacho, a local Mexican eatery celebrating its first anniversary with free burritos for every customer - the crowd drawn here like moths to a warm and spicy flame! *

Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen

Opened on Aberdeen's Rose Street in January 2016, the past twelve months have firmly rooted Muchacho as one of my favourite foodie establishments throughout the city. Simple, yet full of vibrancy in both flavour and colour - even for we vegetarians! - Mexican cuisine will always rank pretty highly for me, but Muchacho seem to particularly excel at capturing those qualities, seeking to bring "fresh, authentic street food" to the people of Aberdeen. 

The uncomplicated menu does just that, allowing every meal to be customised to your unique idea of perfection by selecting an item, a filling and a salsa, before adding any additional extras on top. Whether you go all out with some guerrero beef nachos and a "punch in the face;" tuck into some pork carnitas tacos with a mid-heat salsa verde; or take a healthier route with an adobo chicken salad topped with refreshing Mayan salsa, there's something to satisfy just about every taste.  Having now worked my way through a fairly hefty slice of the menu (no shame!) I think the roasted vegetable enchiladas with chipotle salsa are probably my personal faves. My mouth is watering at the thought!

The menu also offers such accompaniments as "chip and dip" with their incredible "Corn Star sauce," and a range of soft drinks including Jarritos - highly-carbonated Mexican drinks in exotic mango, guava, and grapefruit flavours, among others. Recently extended opening hours have even seen them roll out (and roll up!) a selection of breakfast burritos and quesadillas, alongside coffees and hot chocolate, now serving that Mexican goodness from as early as 7:30am!

With their lively, welcoming staff; a venue brilliantly decorated by local artist Katie Guthrie; and a loyalty card promising such incentives as a free drink, 50% off and a free main, what is there not to love about this place?!

If you're a fan of Mexican food, I can't recommend it enough: head on down to Muchacho. and get some in your belly. Immediately.

Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen

Burrito - Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen

Enchiladas - Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen Jarritos - Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen

Veggie burrito - Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen Veggie tacos - Muchacho Rose Street Aberdeen

9-11 Rose Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1TX
Facebook | Twitter/Instagram @MuchachoHQ

[* Event described took place on January 18th - I'm just a little late at getting it to blog.]


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