THE CITY // Spectra 2017

Spectra Aberdeen - #spectraABDN

Running for its fourth consecutive year, Spectra - Aberdeen's festival of light - seems continually to grow from strength to strength. This year's festival took place across four evenings last week - from February 9th-12th - inviting visitors to experience the city in 'A New Light'. 

With a series of light sculptures and audio-visual installations in venues from Union Terrace Gardens to the council's Marischal College, a city centre usually steeped in grey winter darkness was suddenly alive and aglow! 

Whether your eye was most caught by Caitlind Brown and William Garrett's 'Cloud' of 6000 lightbulbs; the slightly disconcerting facial mash-up of the 'Doric Kiss'; the mammoth projection of 'Obar Dheathain'; the Aberdonian folk of Felix's Machines; or the choreographed spiders of Les Araignees, installed by Groupe LAPS, there was something to appeal to almost every generation and taste. 

Almost as good as the artwork itself, it was brilliant just to witness so many people bustling about the city, breaking up a long cold month with a bit of an excited buzz! 

I headed along with family on the opening evening and enjoyed it so much I took a walk back down to visit again before it closed on Sunday night...

The Cloud - Spectra Aberdeen - #spectraABDN
The Cloud - Spectra Aberdeen - #spectraABDN
Wave Garden - Spectra Aberdeen - #spectraABDN
Spectra Aberdeen - #spectraABDN
Group Hug - Spectra Aberdeen - #spectraABDN
Obar Dheathain - Spectra Aberdeen - #spectraABDN

Were you able to make it along this year? If so, what was your favourite piece? 

I, for one, am already looking forward to what might be in store for 2018! 


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