Last weekend, i spent a few days visiting the church at which i've since rejected the job. They were an awkward and uncomfortable few days. But they were worth it, purely because they gave me an excuse to spend Monday in my favourite city!

Cath Kidston Glasgow 
One of the first sights to greet me on leaving the train station was the Cath Kidston store that made its way to Glasgow in February. Finally!! Everything in the shop is so expensive, but my word is it pretty! ♥

Another nice addition to Gordon Street is Jodie's Jewellery Boutique. A quirky little jewellery shop, they stock some creative little treasures from the likes of Me & Zena, Cherry Bombshell, Disney Couture and Tatty Devine. There are some real gems! (i failed to take a photo, for some reason, but they're fairly easy to find.) The girl-with-skipping-rope necklace by And Mary was my personal fave!

Milk bubble tea
One feature on my 'things to do' list of late has been to sample something called Bubble Tea. It's a drink that originates in Taiwan as an iced milk-based tea with balls of tapioca or jelly in the bottom which are sucked up through a large straw. i've been hearing people rave about it for ages and was keen to try it out.

So, i tracked down the 'Pearl Tea' kiosk hidden away in the Savoy Centre and gave it a shot. It was strange. Yummy, but strange, and very hard to explain! i'd recommend a visit for two reasons: firstly, because the drink is something that needs to be experienced for yourself; and secondly, because it's staffed by a charmingly cheery little man!

It's on the ground floor of the Savoy Centre on Sauchiehall Street. Go see.

Those things aside, i spent the majority of the day sitting in the Counting House catching up with some friends from Prestwick over a wee Kopparberg.

Pretty much a perfect afternoon!


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  1. Glad to hear that they saw your awesomeness at the interview; evidently you did not ruin the presentation! I am sure that your bravery in rejecting the job will be repaid in allowing you to follow the path laid out for you.

    And pfft, Edinburgh's better. Although I do want to try some of that tea...