Tea Party: Red Velvet Cupcakes

After much planning, preparing, cancelling and rearranging ..i finally got to mark my birthday with a wee tea-party on Saturday night. Most of the people i invited couldn't make it to the rearranged date, which was a shame, but i had a really lovely night anyway!

i did lots of baking in preparation for the evening, including raspberry cupcakes, peanut butter cupcakes and my first (surprisingly successful!) attempts at homemade scones. My proudest achievement, however, was successfully conquering Red Velvet Cupcakes for the very first time!

Red velvet cupcake - batter mix
i've tried numerous times in the past, following recipes from either Primrose or Hummingbird bakeries, and though they've always tasted pretty good, they've never ever been red!
i've come across lots of other people having the same difficulty and it seems largely due to the limited range of food colouring available in most supermarkets in the U.K.

Red velvet cupcake - batter mix
This time, i followed the same recipes, but my cupcakes actually turned out red with thanks to a little treasure my mum found, by the name of Sugarflair Paste Colouring (in ruby red). It turned the mixture a brilliant red without having to use all that much - quite the contrast to the entire bottles of food colouring i was going through before. It's magical stuff!

If you too want to conquer the red velvet dilemma, the paste can be bought online or found in your local Hobbycraft.

Red velvet cupcakes 
i also made cream cheese frosting for the very first time and was delighted that it turned out so yummy. i'll definitely be making that again!

Red velvet cupcakes
These are the finished results, though i must confess that icing is not my strong point and my little brother had to help me out!

They went down an absolute treat with the tea-party guests. Yum-yum!


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