Red Arrows

On Saturday (yes, it's taken me that long to post this) the Red Arrows paid a visit to Peterhead Lido as part of the Scottish Week festivities - just a day after they'd flown over the Olympic Stadium to mark the start of the opening ceremony!

i remember the Red Arrows as a regular Scottish Week feature throughout my childhood, but then there was a gap of more than ten years without a visit. They brought them back for the 50th anniversary last summer and then returned this weekend and i so hope that they make it an annual ritual once again - it's definitely my favourite part of the week!

My photos don't do them any justice, but i'm okay with that - i was busy enjoying the buzz in the atmosphere and standing in awe of the show they put on. Incredible stuff!



  1. Fantastic photographs. We heard them here at Lonmay but had to rely on friends - and you- for the pictures. Are you a member of the Peterhead Photographic Society?

  2. Aw, shame you couldn't be there.

    I'm not, no - I went along to a gathering once and felt a bit out of place - i don't think i take the whole photography thing seriously enough by comparison! :)

  3. Those are great photos! I saw the Red Arrows in Aberdeen years ago - can't remember what the occasion was, but our son who is now 20 was pretty small. Your photographs have brought back all those memories.