Beach Days

Goodness only knows how it happened, what with that British weather we're so fond of moaning about, but i seem to have spent a considerable amount of time this week on the beach.

Between litter-picking with friends from church and attending the occasional Scottish Week event at Peterhead Lido, there's been a lot of time spent with sand in my shoes.. and car ..and lots of other places sand has no right to be..

These cygnets, getting considerably bigger.

Scottish Week fireworks in the fog and rain.

It's actually felt a little bit like summer this week and i, for one, have really enjoyed it. How about you?

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  1. Wow, great pictures! The beach looks really lovely and the firework pictures are wonderful!

  2. Unfortunately I've been at work in the office during the sunny days, but I have managed to get out at lunchtime. It's great! But no gardening this weekend - too rainy. Good for all of you to clean up the beach. That looks like fun, in fact.