Peterhead Running Festival 2012

This Sunday saw Peterhead's running festival take place for the second year. Organised by JogScotland, the event combines three categories from which participants can select their distance: a 'school run' for children; the Shell 5k; and the Peterhead half marathon.

To be honest, i don't know much more about it than that.

What i do know is that the half marathon option takes its runners out of town and passes by our house, so i spent much of my Sunday afternoon watching from the warmth of our living room while joggers 'struggled' by with various degrees of enjoyment on their faces. 

They'd set up a drinks stand at the end of our driveway (right at the end of our driveway, but the less said about that the better), so there were a lot of awkward trying-to-drink-from-a-paper-cup-and-run-at-the-same-time moments going on, much to my amusement..

And in true Peterhead fashion the rain had to get in on the act.

But still the runners kept coming..

..And i spent the afternoon feeling a) remarkably impressed by the huge variety of people taking part and b) thoroughly ashamed that my own attempts at jogging lasted about two weeks before a painfully swollen knee provided an excuse to give up. (It was hugely swollen and incredibly painful, but the fact i haven't attempted a jog ever since probably says a lot about my commitment to this running lark.)

i am filled with nothing but awe and respect for anyone who can take on a half marathon and conquer it.. and even more-so for anyone who can run and find enjoyment in it.

Bravo to the lot of them, i say!

i certainly took the lazy option this Sunday, but i rather enjoyed my afternoon spent with a camera pointing out the window.  Worryingly, though, i couldn't help but feel a bit like this guy..

Oh dear!


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  1. I have yet to see a jogger/runner look as if they are enjoying themselves!

  2. I could no more run (except for a bus) than I could fly!

    Very funny video clip. Did the runners see you photographing them?