The Week That Was:

My social life is a bit like buses ..nothing for ages, then everything comes along at once. Yep - there's a simile that doesn't work, if ever there was one.

What i'm trying to say is that, having done not-a-lot-of-anything and seen not-much-of-anyone for a while, last week was good fun. One of my best friends is home from London at the moment, so it's been a good excuse to arrange some catch-ups and get-togethers with everyone. It's been a week of shopping trips, lunches, dinners, a substantial amount of coffee and ice-cream, and one slightly odd evening where we accidentally gate-crashed someone's birthday party (it was billed as an open mic night in our local coffee shop - honest) and unexpectedly heard an actual recording artist perform. As you do.

(Photo by Lesley)
It was a really lovely week -- everyone in my friendship circle is scattered around in different places, working weird and wonderful shifts that are a bit of a nightmare to coordinate, so it's always good when we manage to be in the same place at once and have a good catch-up.

Other notable points of the past week included my first hair-cut since April, conquering my fear of driving to Aberdeen without a co-driver, and doing all the admin (and money-spending) required for this:

(i'm going to be a (sort of) student again, doing a Certificate in Mental Health Studies with the Open University and am equal parts excited and terrified.)

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable week!


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  1. Wow you did have quite a week! Your photos are very funny. I hope that the excitement soon eclipses the terror for your OU degree. That sounds like a very worthwhile thing to study!

    1. haha - totally incapable of being in a photo without pulling a ridiculous face!

      And thanks - i AM really looking forward to learning more on the subject, just a little apprehensive about how my perfectionism is going to cope with facing the pressure of assignments again. i'm sure it'll be fine once i get going =]